Part of the Canaries archipelago, the entire island is a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Much of its culture was curated by the local visionary artist Cesar Marnique, an architect, sculptor and painter who worked with the Spanish government to draw up a plan to minimize the impact of tourism on the island. Think organic buildings that sculpt form out of the black lava that characterises the island with trees that spear through walls and interiors that seamlessly merge with the outdoors.

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On the move

Home to the famous Ironman competition, Lanzarote’s cycling course includes two major mountain climbs, crossing lava fields, flecked with cacti and often assisted by warm winds from the Sahara. Smooth tarmac and little traffic help riders cover plenty of ground. Surfers have a playground of 14 great breaks and a legendary wave the locals call Morre Negro, or ‘The Black Arab.’

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Staying still

Jameos del Agua is a naturally formed auditorium, designed as a concert venue by Manrique. It’s accessed by a cave populated by hundreds of tiny blind albino crabs that shimmer under the water like aquatic stars.

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Sleeping soundly

Purescapes always works with luxury, eco-conscious accommodation in areas of outstanding beauty, usually with spa and/or fitness amenities. Guests will enjoy a speciality created menu from a private chef to support the training and wellbeing programme. Please contact us for further information about this accommodation and our programs.

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