You are about to embark on an inspiring journey…a journey back to you.

Think of wellness, and all it encompasses, as a sacred space. Within this space you’ll find room to pause and be still, to reflect, and to contemplate.
While Purescapes offers specialised cycle retreats, its core experience is the Classic Retreat.

Classic Retreats are an opportunity for our guests to explore a robust program that creates a unique travel experience. Addressing all the elements of wellbeing (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and environmental), this program leaves our guests with a renewed relationship to their health. We believe in:

Pure Adventure
Explore all the amazing natural elements that nature has to offer; breathing the mountain air, feeling grounded by the ocean and exploring quaint villages on foot or bicycle. Be inspired to move your body while exploring the surroundings.

Pure Movement
Movement is the key to good health, disease prevention and increased life expectancy. Research has shown prevalent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke can be prevented through regular exercise.

Our weeklong Movement program includes daily barefoot training, yoga and/or Qi-Gong, hiking, trail running (for those who like to run), cycling, surfing lessons (at some locations), one-on-one fitness & nutrition and more.

Pure Food
Renew your connection to food and experience mindful eating. Meet our chef, discover our menu, the gardens; many varieties of herbs and fruits grown onsite (at some locations). Be inspired to make healthier choices and participate in our workshops to learn that the most important aspect to health lies in your food choices.
Our food is pure, locally sourced, sustainable and organic as much as possible. For those with special dietary goals or needs, look for Purescapes inspired foods on our menu.

Pure Restore
Restoration is the key to free yourself from the stresses of daily living. With the relaxing atmosphere and deep calmness, time seems to stretch forever. Breathe in the floral & garden aromas; connect to nature and yourself to experience a newfound vitality. For deeper rejuvenation participate in a meditation class or book a massage!

Pure Lifestyle
Learn how to make healthy choices in everything you do; whether its selecting food on a menu, purifying your water and air, grocery shopping and even buying furniture! This is not just about moving and thinking clean, this is about making better choices every day of your life…at home, away and in your office.

Our Classic Retreats also offer an opportunity to interact with the culture of the region. We always stress that we are ‘travellers’ and not ‘tourists’ and that means exploring, not just what the online guides suggest, but the ‘secret’ finds we have unearthed from our partners at the destinations.

A huge benefit of a Purescapes Classic Retreat is having round the clock access to the hosts who remain on site for the duration. All our experts have an extensive and holistic education so we encourage conversations about your individual needs, be it nutritional support for a menopausal woman in a high-stress job or a young male in a physical job who is looking to build muscle and sleep better.

our difference

Purescapes is not a
“one size fits all” service

We take our cue from you. If there’s somewhere you especially want to go on this beautiful planet that’s not on our retreat list – no problem.

What to expect

You might be a book club in search of your own story, a batchelor/bachelorette party who prefer adventure to misadventure or a business who want their staff to know they’re valued. Whatever you want to feel, discover or create, we curate to order. We don’t do ‘itineraries’, we educate in organic conversation, not slideshows, we love ‘fussy eaters’ and we understand that not everyone is a morning person. You are all, however, unique miracles who deserve to put yourself first…