Live out a desert fantasy on safari in Namibia. Climb ancient dunes of red sand, rising out of the Namib Desert. Feel the thrill of tracking desert-adapted black rhinos on foot with our expert guides. Wander along the Skeleton Coast, wild, windswept and seemingly stretching to infinity. Marvel at the wonders of Damaraland’s Petrified Forest with trees as old as 280 million years.

Namibia is a trip of two parts. The Skeleton Coast stretches 500 kilometers. It’s uninhabited, untamed and backed by sand dunes up to 300m high. Cape fur seal colonies must elude lions and hyenas against he skeletons of shipwrecks. Inland, you move to a safari wilderness experience in five star camps that put you right at the heart of your experience with nothing but unfiltered nature around you.

There are precious few places left on Earth quite like Namibia. A country that supports just three people per square kilometre – but a multitude of life. Desert-adapted elephant, lion, zebra, hyaena, antelope, and many other species emerge, including the Critically Endangered black rhino.

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On the move

Nature 4X4 drives showcase the magnitude of this wondrous lunar-like landscape and offer the best possibilities of seeing unique desert-adapted wildlife. Amongst other general game species, guests have the chance of seeing Hartmann’s mountain zebra and the desert-adapted rhino.

Other activities such as sand dune hikes, interacting with Himba, nature walks, electric powered fat-wheeled bikes are a great way to explore this fascinating area.

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Staying still

Thanks to zero light pollution, you’ll be drawn to the sky instead of your phone screen. Rooftop beds at some of the camps are the cosiest way to star gaze with cocktail or cocoa in hand.

For those seeking more thrill and excitement, try hot air ballooning and explore the desert from high above.

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Sleeping soundly

Purescapes always works with luxury, eco-conscious accommodation in areas of outstanding beauty, usually with spa and/or fitness amenities.

Each of the canvas and thatch rooms features a flat rooftop, ideal for sleep-outs (if desired) under the extraordinarily clear Namibian night sky.  Please contact us for further information about this accommodation and our programs.

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Delectable cuisine and unforgettable dining moments punctuate your experience in Namibia.

Guests will enjoy a speciality created menu from a private chef to support the training and wellbeing programme. Start your day with a champagne breakfast after a once-in-a-lifetime balloon flight over the dunes. Enjoy a lazy bush lunch in a dry river bed or by the pool. Stop for a drink as the sun turns the desert ablaze. Finally, feast on a traditional dinner under the stars amongst new friends.

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